Feminine Intimate

The Feminine Intimate range is ideal for the feminine intimate toilet. It respects the vaginal balance thanks to the products with a mild pH and formulated without soap, colouring or alcohol. Besides the fact that it helps you strengthen your natural defenses, regular use of Feminine Intimate products will give you a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. Tested under clinical and gynecological control! All products have been developed in Belgium.

The values of Feminine Intimate


Respect for the environment

The Feminine Intimate team is committed to presenting the most natural intimate care products and reducing the negative impact of these products on the environment. The preservation of nature and the strict control of production processes are absolute priorities for a more respectful vision of the cosmetics industry.


Respect for the employees

The entrepreneurial spirit of Feminine Intimate places its employees and partners at the center. Feminine Intimate emphasizes local relationships and long-term partnerships for the well-being of everyone, in the development of a beauty salon with impeccable ethics.


Respect for consumers

Every product is designed and manufactured so that the customer can enjoy quality at an affordable price. Through advanced research and careful quality controls Feminine Intimate strives to offer only products that respect nature and your health, in full transparency.


 Feminine Intimate : intimate hygiene, softness and freshness.